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Dead Hidden

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Big Title

Ye are Dead, Your lives are hidden in God with Christ.

-Dakala Day aka Doc Holiday aka Ryan


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My name is Ryan and I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as written by his faithful servants the apostles. I am building this website as a place of resources for the body of Christ. There is no membership fee or tier of access. This is church. Here, at least, we SHALL HAVE all things in common. Everything to the edification and strengthening of the brethren.

Here we will not have disputes. We will have learning and growing in understanding and the wisdom of God.  I am a tree planted by the water and I shall not be moved.  The gospel delivered to us by the apostles of Jesus Christ is clear and concise. Our "fathers of the church" are they, and "our doctrines" are found written in the Word of God. So shall we study. So shall we learn and grow in His Spirit.



Dakala Day aka Doc Holiday aka Ryan | TikTok: @dead_hidden

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